Eternal Ice, the new addition to the collection conceived by Pelikan to celebrate the beauty of nature, pays tribute to the eternal ice of the poles.

There’s a new special edition pen in the Beauties of Nature collection, which Pelikan first introduced in 2007. After Niagara Falls, Sahara, Polar Lights, Mount Everest, and Indian Summer, the company is now paying homage to the permanent ice of the polar caps with Eternal Ice. The pen remains faithful to the philosophy of the collection, which is to highlight the rich variety of the earth’s environments and natural phenomena – just as there exist endless ways to make the experience of writing unique. It’s up to pen lovers to decide which of these intriguing interpretations of the earth’s natural phenomena they most identify with.
Eternal Ice draws its inspiration from the North and South Poles, places where time seems to have stood still since the creation of the planet, frozen in the eternal ice. Pelikan has carefully selected the materials used to create this pen to reproduce these icy landscapes. What immediately catches the eye with this pen is the icy white enamel barrel, polished to a mirror finish. The breaking ice effect is the result of a complicated metalworking process and the use of a laser. The surface is then plated with palladium and then repeatedly worked to produce the unique luster of an iceberg. Creating as effect something like losing yourself in an ocean view, the bottom section of the barrel on the ballpoint, and the cap and grip of the fountain pen and rollerball are light blue resin.
The handmade nib is 18-karat white gold inlaid with rhodium designs and available in fine and medium. The pelican-beak clip and the bands are palladium plated.
This special edition pen is available as a piston-filled fountain pen (430 euros), rollerball (353 euros), and twist ballpoint (330 euros). At 4 7/8 inches, the ballpoint is slightly smaller than the 5 3/8 inch fountain pen and rollerball.