The history of the Italian Fountain Pen, 1900-1950 Vol. II Back

The history of the Italian Fountain Pen, 1900-1950 Vol. II

The origins of this encyclopedia of Italian fountain pens can be traced back some ten years to the work we were doing at the Accademia Italiana della Penna Stilografica (Italian fountain pen academy).

At the time the Academy had numerous members and was in a position to collect huge amounts of information. Its publication, Stilomania, was an efficient medium for exchanging and sharing information, and research contributions from dozens of fountain pen enthusiasts filled its pages. But the ambitious project of writing an encyclopedia never came to fruition.

Nevertheless, the research and cataloging work done at the time was not wasted. Over the years this research has been complemented by contributions on the history of the Italian fountain pen in Penna magazine and numerous monographs that have enriched the amount of reference material available on the subject.

This encyclopedia, for which I assume full responsibility but only some of the credit, is therefore not the result of my work alone. It was born and has grown like a huge mosaic, created by dozens of people, including both private collectors and recognized experts, each of whom has contributed their own large or small piece.

This book is neither complete nor truly exhaustive. But it couldn’t have been otherwise. Ten years of research and cataloging is not sufficient to fully cover such a huge and kaleidoscopic subject.

The more than 600 pens photographed in each volume represent just a tiny part of the wealth of Italian pens made during the period covered. Also, not all the pens discussed can be found in collections, and not all collections were made available for the book. I nevertheless hope that although it is unavoidably incomplete, this book will still be a useful reference for all collectors and stimulate further research into the subject.

(Letizia Jacopini)

15 Septmber 2001

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