Maki-e. A story waiting to be written Back

Maki-e. A story waiting to be written

Two hundred pages to experience the excitement of a thousand-year-old art.
A journey into the amazing world of an ancient and refined technique that transforms the surfaces of pens and other accessories into a palette where dragons, heroes, demons and animals appear as if in a dream.
The brands that make this book famous are:
Angular Momentum, AP Limited Editions, Aurora, Bexley, Caran d'Ache, Chopard, Citizen, Conway Stewart, Danitrio, Dunhill, Edelberg, Ferrari da Varese, Ito-ya, Krone, Kynsey, Loiminchay, Parker, Pelikan, Pens Plus, Pilot-Namiki, Platinum Pen-Nakaya, Sailor, Seiko, Speake-Marin, S.T. Dupont, Tsuge, Vacheron Constantin, Visconti, Waterman.
(Alberto Gerosa)

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